Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mmmm.. Smoky goodness..

So, got a wild hair, and thought I'd continue my experimenting..

I decided to try something with a smoky flavor, and see what happens.

Heres what I ended up with: (5.5 Gal Batch)

10 Lbs Domestic 2-row
2 Lbs Smoked barley (Rausch malt?) Not peated malt!!
1 Lb Crystal 120

! oz Cascade - 60 minute boil
0.15 Oz Magnum - 60 minutes

.75 Saaz - 15 minutes

Yeast was whatever the yeast is on the bottom of some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale bottles.

Propagated a pretty huge yeast cake from 2 bottles worth (Maybe 10ml of liquid, with maybe 2 ml of actual yeast in it)

I pitched that 500ml starter (good 1/4" thick yeast cake on the bottom now) after stirring it up on the stirplate.

In less than an hour, I have a bubble every couple minutes from the blowoff tube!

The Crystal 120 (I think) has given this beer a beautiful red / copper color, I'm really liking how the color turned out, so in keeping with the "S&M" theme, I'm calling this smoky, copper beer:

"Smokin' Rehhead ale"

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