Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Second Homebrew club meeting..

So, I just returned home from my second local club meeting (Bungbrewers, Napa, CA)

This one was hosted at a local brewpub. I took my wife and a good friend, I figured a little dinner, some good brews.. Its a night out! (Multi-tasking never hurt anyone, right?)

Tonights main topic was discussing water. Specifically; the local municipal water source, and what additions can help for various styles of beers. I learned a lot, but feel like I barely breached the cusp of what I should know to help me brew a better beer..

The talk was given by the brewpubs brewmaster, and he said I could hang out (and help) on a brew day, and ask all the questions I want.. (Joy!) So, here in a couple weeks once I get my calendar cleared a bit, I plan to call him up, and go learn.

I understand the main topic / lecture item for the next few brewclub meetings will be hops, and grains.

Sadly, I joined too late to catch the yeast lecture.

So much more to brewing than I thought. Subtle changes, subtle differences can make a profound impact on how your beer is experienced by the drinker.

It seems almost like the board game Go, or mastermind. Its easy to learn the rules.. Its easy to play at an okay level (You can practically fall into making a perfectly drinkable beer) but refining your technique to produce something very special.. Well... Thats where its gonna take a lot of learning, and practice.

What better way than to hang out, and brew with a master!

If you brew, find your local brewpubs, micro breweries, or whatever, and call them.. Leave a message for the brewmaster. Devote a day, and follow him around. Chances are, he's as passionate about brewing as you are, and would love a set of hands to help scrub boil kettles, or unload grain.

Who knows, you might just learn something.. I surely hope to.

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